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Alarm Beams

Looking for alarm beams for your home? Alarm beams are a great deterrent and often give alarm companies the much needed time to alert the security company to get to your property quickly to diffuse the situation. There are various alarm beam options (which all vary in price).

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Alarm beams use sensors to detect either the opening or closing of doors or windows or sensors to detect motion, sound or vibrations to determine that someone is in the protected area. Some alarm beams are also used for early detection of fire and they can be combined with CCTV cameras to give the owner the ability to see what is happening in the protect area.

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Outdoor Alarm Beams

You have the option of indoor alarm beams or outdoor alarm beams. Outdoor alarm beams typically use motion detectors (infrared technology) to detect intruders and sound the alarm. Technology has come a long way in that these outdoor beams can differentiate between cats and small animals vs people so as not to trigger the alarm incorrectly.

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Alarm beams and alarm systems vary dramatically in price, so it makes sense to compare before making the investment into your safety.


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